I started writing these book reviews mostly to get back into the habit of reading. To give myself some social accountability. I think I have achieved that aim and am not adding any value in being another person who writes reviews for the books he has read. It does not excite me. So much so that this post is 20 days too late. So from now no more lengthy reviews. I will just mention the books I have read and one line about them. Someone may find it useful plus I happen to like lists.

Theodore Roosevelt and the Making of American Leadership

By Jon Knokey

Enthralling tale about the famous American president.

Four Hour Body

By Timothy Ferriss

Toolkit for your body.

Parallel Thinking

By Edward de Bono

A book that helped me look past categorising ideas, arguments, opinions.

The Voyage of the Beagle

By Charles Darwin

A detailed recording of Charles Darwin journey around the world that eventually led to him writing The Origin of Species.

The Daily Stoic

By Ryan Holiday

A ready made plan to practice stoicism.